Oleificio cooperativo Cima di Bitonto


The Oil Mill Cima di Bitonto, known for the production of olive oil for sale, as well offers to third parties a series of services aimed to simplify some manufacturing processes:

  • manoeuvring space for loading and unloading operations
  • 2 platform scales and 2 weighing plate scales to speed up loading and unloading operations
  • possibility of unloading up to 90 quintals olives directly with trailers
  • handling of the olives with forklifts
  • storage of the olives in bins of 3 quintals
  • olive defoliation machine
  • 4 independent olive processing lines to reduce the waiting time for milling
  • 4 latest-generation and technologically advanced continuous centrifugal extraction lines, for the most demanding customers
  • quality control analysis system for olive oil (acidity, peroxides, polyphenols, alkyl esters, multi residual)
  • bottling and labelling of oil for third parties in any format and capacity, with the brand label of the client
  • certified olive mill for the processing of organic olives
  • home delivery of the produce oil
  • parking lot for clients
  • waiting room with coffee & snack area